Happy third birthday to us!

September 5, 2022

Less than half of businesses make it to their third birthday. We're proud that we've beaten the odds and are going from strength-to-strength.

When we started the company three years ago, we knew running a business was going to be challenging. But we didn't know a global pandemic would hit shortly after. Honestly, we weren't sure if we'd make it out the other side once the reality of what COVID was doing to the world hit. I wrote about our first year in detail, if you'd like to see what it was like.

We got through year one, thanks primarily to the efforts of our team, support from our investors, and belief in us by our early customers.

2021 was a year of growth, which we did by listening to our customers and the market. But it wasn't easy by any means, as I wrote about last year.

I haven't had time to reflect fully on year three yet. It definitely didn't get any easier. Parts of early-to-mid 2022 were especially challenging to navigate due to the economic conditions that the world still isn't quite through yet.

Fortunately, we rallied as a team. Our customers and partners responded.

We closed the end of year three with strength; August was our best month ever in terms of booked revenue.

Thank you to the Avertro team for your hard work, dedication, belief, and resilience. Thank you to our customers for your continued support and partnership. Thank you to our partners for your continued collaboration. And thank you to our investors for continuing to believe in us.

Here's to building on the current momentum into year four!

Ian Yip

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