Announcing CyberHQ® support for the AICD CSCRC Cyber Security Governance Principles

October 24, 2022

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and Australian Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC) released their Cyber Security Governance Principles on Friday. While there are a few minor errors, it is by and large a good document for directors to be across.

When a new set of principles or guidelines gets released, it doesn't take long before governance and risk professionals start asking how it can be reflected in reports or as a framework.

We believe we are the first cyber SaaS platform globally to support it.

The challenge typically in these matters is when it's not intended to be an actual framework to measure maturity or compliance, it doesn't get structured that way. Meaning it's not a straightforward transfer of what we see in the released document to something that can be used operationally.

Fortunately, loading new frameworks, guidelines, or standards into Avertro CyberHQ® is easy. Our team spent time analysing the AICD CSGP (is that what we're calling it for short?) and have turned it into a framework that assessments can be performed against, and that reports can be generated from. And we did it in a matter of hours.

We expect boards and executives in Australia will start asking their cybersecurity leaders how they fare against the AICD CSGP. And security teams will have to produce performance metrics and reports accordingly.

If you'd like the Excel file to use, follow us on LinkedIn and we will announce the link shortly.

If you are an Avertro customer, it will be available in your environment for use very shortly.

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Ian Yip

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