We focus on the business representation of cybersecurity, building a permanent bridge to translate cyber in a normalised way.
Manage, measure and report on your cybersecurity performance with CyberHQ®. A SaaS Cyber Management Decision System (MDS) built to empower you to make the right cybersecurity decisions for your organisation, improve your cyber resilience and level up your cyber game.

One of the key challenges facing leaders is the disconnect between the cyber team and everyone else, particularly with the executive layer.

Organisations continue to struggle with aligning the tracks. The promise of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) technology was to address this. The reality is that teams still need spreadsheets and consultants.

We can do better than the GRC and spreadsheet status quo. Elevating our game requires focusing on the business representation of cyber and building that permanent bridge to translate and normalise cybersecurity for everyone else.

Be the strategic leader that can...


And right size your cybersecurity spend by linking budget to real outcomes


Your outcomes, improvements, and cyber resilience metrics


Your capabilities dynamically as things change and validate your cyber strategy


Cybersecurity to your executives and board members


And operationalise your cybersecurity strategy


With regulations that enforce executive and board accountability

Managing the Business of Cyber

These are the key areas of an organisation's strategic cybersecurity function that Avertro helps to streamline and automate to help cyber leaders prove they are doing it right
Cybersecurity is ultimately about managing risk. The Avertro platform fast-tracks an organisation’s ability to identify, track and manage its cyber risks for executives at the business level, as well as cybersecurity teams at the technical level.

We provide a set of pre-configured, industry-curated business-level cyber risks and key risk indicators. In addition, the solution can be adapted to fit existing cyber risks being managed as well as align with an organisation’s enterprise risk framework.

The combination of fast-tracked onboarding and adaptability to existing taxonomies is a powerful ally in supporting the diverse challenges that organisations face across the various aspects of their business.

Cybersecurity capabilities are managed using various lenses. The most commonly used lens involves the tracking of controls maturity over time against a framework of choice such as the NIST CSF. An alternate and complementary lens is the use of a logical security services catalogue, which allows teams to track capabilities in the form of operational services being provided to the organisation.

Maintaining and tracking cybersecurity control maturity levels is typically the first step in any cybersecurity uplift initiative. The Avertro platform provides an intuitive yet functionally rich controls maturity module to continuously assess, score, validate, and periodically attest to the effectiveness and maturity of each control and identify gaps.

The ongoing maintenance of the services that the security team provides to an organisation is something that most cybersecurity leaders find challenging to manage. The platform makes this easy as we have pre-configured building blocks to support the creation and maintenance of an operational logical security services catalogue.

Cybersecurity program management can cover a spectrum of teams and a multitude of different conditions can affect its completion. In most cases, the cybersecurity transformation program becomes known as the cyber strategy. It is, in effect, the strategic plan to improve cyber resilience over time.

Cyber risk is a moving target, and it is an extremely difficult challenge to ensure one’s cyber strategy is optimised at all times. The continuous visibility and business-lens required to manage this in an agile manner is something that very few have.

The Avertro platform provides these capabilities in the form of a program management foundation, pre-loaded with our library of activities, but still maintaining the required level of flexibility to support existing cyber strategies.

Most organisations struggle to right-size their strategy in terms of finding the optimal spend for the desired outcome. The Avertro platform calculates cost-benefit metrics across the activities, projects and the program as a whole.

This power can be used to compare different options and budgets to determine the cyber resilience outcomes that will be achieved for different spends, providing an extremely useful context that allows cybersecurity leaders to have business conversations with executives and board members about the benefits that the cybersecurity function can and will be delivering to the organisation.

More importantly, it allows for a powerful, yet simple way to articulate how spend affects outcomes, which is critical in facilitating a constructive discussion to determine the right cybersecurity budget required for an organisation.

Organisations work with vendors in their supply chain that introduce additional cyber risks. To manage this risk properly, most organisations ensure a third-party cyber risk assessment is conducted before agreeing to do business with external vendors. This is commonly done via spreadsheets and emails, which is highly inefficient and time-consuming.

The Avertro platform removes the need for spreadsheets and streamlines the whole third-party assessment process. We provide a full audit trail of the back-and-forth process required during each assessment, and includes the reporting required to manage third-party cyber risk over time, normalised to a score that allows for easy comparison across all third- parties.

Given that the platform supports multiple cybersecurity frameworks, organisations can report on third parties against their framework of choice. Default third party questionnaires are provided for the purposes of fast-onboarding of an organisation.

In addition, organisations can continue to use their existing assessments if required; we simply load existing assessment questionnaires into the platform to provide a “like for like” replacement while completely removing the inefficiencies inherent in the prior process.

Key Benefits


Track current and target state cyber risks, current and target state cybersecurity controls, capabilities and services, manage your cybersecurity transformation program and strategy, and assess the effectiveness of controls.


Between cybersecurity standards (e.g. translate between NIST CSF and ISO27001), how your strategy affects them on an ongoing basis, and how environmental factors and controls influence cyber risks.

Tell a Better Story

To executives and board members by having a strategy that is tied to budgets and business outcomes, and producing board and executive narratives with a single click.


And independently prove you are doing cyber right by using industry standards, proven methodologies, defensible algorithms, industry benchmarks, and take the pain and guesswork out of your strategic cyber function.


Avertro CyberHQ® can streamline and automate up to 75% of an organisation’s manual effort by taking relevant data points, calculating, normalising, and translating them into a taxonomy that makes sense to executives and board members, giving cybersecurity leaders the power to make their business case, and continuously prove they are doing cyber right.

Only by bringing business concepts to the cyber discussion can we finally illuminate the strategic value of what has traditionally been perceived as a tactical cost centre. Avertro aligns everyone with the cyber mission to ensure its success.

Most importantly, we help elevate the security team to where they deserve to be: the heroes in the story.

Segment your organisation

A common challenge for most organisations is that different locations, business units, logical groups (e.g. IT vs OT), or subsidiaries need to be treated differently when it comes to cybersecurity. For example, the cyber resilience of head office may need to be higher than a remote outpost. Current solutions do not provide enough precision and fine-grained control to account for these differences.

CyberHQ® supports the ability to segment an organisation into its constituent sub- components, manage each separately, while providing the power to consolidate, compare and aggregate cyber resilience management and reporting to provide distinct segmented lenses, as well as a pan-organisational view on cyber resilience.

Want your own Balanced Scorecard for Cybersecurity?

Throw away those custom spreadsheets, optimise your use of external assistance, and get the best executive and board cyber reporting on the planet.

  • Manage the business of cybersecurity

  • Run your strategic cyber function in a repeatable manner

  • Prove you are doing cyber right