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Avertro was co-founded by Ian Yip and Roman Mandryk in September 2019.

When Ian was the CTO for McAfee Asia Pacific, his conversations with leaders revolved around the key challenges they were facing. The one common thread, was the disconnect between the cyber team and everyone else, particularly with the executive layer.

Organisations continue to struggle with aligning the tracks. The promise of GRC technology was to address this. The reality is, organisations still need spreadsheets and consultants. Armed with this frustration, Ian felt compelled to make it happen. By starting Avertro.

The co-founders met while on the Antler program as part of their first cohort in Sydney and formed a formidable partnership to bring the vision to fruition.

Avertro has since gone on to raise investment from a coalition of venture firms and angel investors, and grown significantly as a result.

The team continues to work on the core issues at hand, iterating diligently towards being the strategic cybersecurity headquarters that helps leaders manage the business of cyber.

Go behind the scenes of year one at Avertro